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VRRP ISSUE.. unexpected split-brain situation

hi all


we have an issue with two Fortinet firewall in production mode (Fortinet A and Fortinet B).


We followed these manuals:


and configuring priority 255 in both routers (Fortinet A and Fortinet B) leads into a split-brain situation. can someone please help us with this issue and explain why this behavior?

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following setup leads into another split-brain situation.. how to solve it?


vip for fortinet A and fortinet B is:


fortinet A:

    Priority: 100 (with the command: set priority 100)

fortinet B:

    Priority: 255 (with the command: set priority 255)





Show us the output of "get router info vrrp" on the FGT and the same output of an equivalent debug command on the other router.

Oh, actually those are two FGTs. I thought you were doing VRRP with another router.




>> the same output of an equivalent debug command on the other router

I can't concatenate that - I'll ask to a collegue but he's on holidays this month.

>> Show us the output of "get router info vrrp" on the FGT

ok I send you here fortinet output

Interface: port3, primary IP address:

UseVMAC: 1, SoftSW: 0, BrPortIdx: 0, PromiscCount: 0

HA mode: master (0:1)

VRID: 12 version: 3

vrip:, priority: 255, effective priority: 100, state: SLAVE

adv_interval: 1, preempt: 0, ignore_dft: 0, start_time: 1

master_adv_interval: 100, v3_as_v2: 1, accept: 1

vrmac: 00:00:5e:00:01:12

we need help we are in production mode and don't know how to solve this.. can you help us today please?


You configured in a wrong way. Priority 255 is the owner of the VRIP( and it would never give up the master role as @ebilcari mentioned as long as it's alive. The other router (FGT-B) has to have priority (1-254) to backup the master when it dies.
So, swap the priorities or change the VRIP to then it should work.

Kind a similar discussion about Cisco:



thank  you let we try


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