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VRF Aware IPsec

There appears to be conflicting guidance on the configuration of VRF-aware IPsec in versions 7.2.x and above. Traditionally, in a multi-virtual domain (VDOM) setup, the root VDOM is designated as VRF 0 and is utilized for route leaking to the internet from other VDOMs. It serves as the connection point for WAN and internet services as well. However, in VRF-aware IPsec, it's suggested that VRF 0 should not be used for the Provider Edge (PE), which contradicts the usual practice of housing L1 services in the root VDOM as the PE you would expect to have the L1 connections.

In an environment with an established SD-WAN setup spanning over 200 sites and seeking to transition to a VRF-aware setup while adding VDOMs as Customer Edge (CE) to segregate routing tables and business units, there's a lack of clear implementation guidelines in real-world scenarios within the available design documents.

Is there anyone familiar with the solution to this dilemma? How can one transition from a traditional single VDOM IPsec environment to a multi-VDOM VRF-aware IPsec setup without having to relocate the existing root VDOM (associated with Customer A)?

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It looks like there is an error during the IKE negotiation. I think the CBOS profile is the issue. There's likely a mismatch between you and the remote side  .


i think you replied to the wrong post as its not relevant to this post

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