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VPN connections, reaching P2P resources

We have an E61 Fortigate and we use an SSL VPN so users can connect to our local subnet of 192.168.1.x and that is working fine.  Users use the Fortigate VPN client and they connect and they are issued IP addresses of 10.12.200.x and they can access resources on the local subnet just fine. 


The problem is we have resources across a P2P that is also hosted on the Fortigate and VPN users cannot access those resources at site B.  


In my rule, I added site B as a destination, but that didn't resolve it.


Can someone tell me what I missed or what I may be doing incorrectly?


Thank you.


Check three things; 1) phase2 selectors, 2) routes, and 3) policy, over the P2P vpn.

The source is 10.12.200.x/y then the destination is the site B subnet. If NAT is somewhere in-between you need to take it in your consideration too. Hopefully no NAT though.


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