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VPN client not working after connection


All of a sudden I 've the vpn client that is not working anymore.

It does connect correctly to the remote sites, I tried several, but after that the vpn is not working in that the routes are not added. I also see that the virtual interface is not getting the IP I see in the vpn client application. Seems like it's unable to bind correctly

I Already tried to :

- update to latest version

- remove and reinstall


any help is appreciated



Do you manage the FortiGate this FortiClient is connecting to?  If not this is a question for your IT team.


THIS is not a question, or problem, for the FirewalL admins.

I’m using the client to connect to SEVERAL customers so it’s impossible that ALL the firewall had issue.

Moreover others are connecting flawlessly 


? So some FortiClient connections to some firewalls work as expected?  And others don't?  Wouldn't this indicate an issue on the firewall since you are using the same FortiClient and PC?


No, all the connections from my PC  are not working to ANY remote sites.

HOWEVER, connections from a VM inside my pc, with the same vpn client and configuration, is working as expected.

SO the issue is with my pc.

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  • If your VPN is set up to use the default gateway on the remote network, then you will normally need to VPN to the remote network yourself and re-establish the remote desktop. But you can work around this by adding a static route back to you from the remote PC which should override the VPN default route.
  • Configure Virtual Adapter Settings from None to DHCP Lease.
  • Check the VPN for Remote Desktop 

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