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VPN and RDP drops

I have a fortigate 200E i connect with vpn client and rdp to my windows 10 pc.  intermittently it disconnects, screen goes black and i get that 'attempting to reconnect 1 of 20'   now it does reconnect but it is an inconvenience.  I increased the mtu on my win 10 client with vpn client and it seems a little better.


any thoughts on where to look at such an issue?  the fort client doesn't show a disconnect and is hard wired in but if it doesn't fully disconnect and is just sensitive to interruptions would that cause an rdp issue even though i never get actually disconnected from vpn? 


any thoughts are appreciated.



Hi, Which version of FortiOS you’re running on? There is known issue with 6.0.8 and 6.0.9 with RDP over SSLVPN. Other known issue is the RDP over UDP runs by default on Windows 10 workstation. That can be disabled in registries. Regards
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either ISP issues or increase of MTU from the client and it seems much better now.  


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Thanks Philippe, i am going to try out the "turn off UDP for RDP" in the upcoming days.


FW is 6.2


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