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VPN IP Address change to international still working


I have subscribed to a VPN service in order to use a UK streaming service whilst abroad.

The system being that if the software detects a UK IP address then it will stream as normal so whilst on a spanish internet provider for example I can mask that spanish IP address to a UK one through the VPN software and all is good.

My question is that I am testing the protocol but in reverse.

I am in the uk and the streaming service works fine as normal with a uk IP address. I then use the VPN service to change my IP address to a spanish one (while still situated in the uk) but the streaming service still works. Why isnt it recognising the spanish IP address provided by the VPN company which should give me an error saying that I cannot use it abroad?

I have contacted their support team but they arent understanding my query as they say that it is working. Thing is, it shouldnt.

I am using a windows 10 OS with SKY Go Extra with GhostVPN.

You may ask why I would want something to not work, but I like to test all systems thoroughly so if it doesn't recognise one ip address correctly here then how will I know it will recognise it whilst abroad.



Hi mrtwitch


I am not sure if this is the correct channel for your query as Fortinet is not associated with GhostVPN. Cheers.

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