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VPN Client Compliance


We are using Forticlient free edition for remote connectivity.

Our end points have all AV and OS is kept up to date.


There is a business requirement to restrict access from devices that are not company devices, to make sure they have enough protection before granted access (ie AV up to date, etc).

It looks like the answer is to purchase modules for Forticlient. Is there one module/product in particular we need to get?

One of them might by to have the AV which comes with Forticlient or is there a way to set some sort of compliance policy that check if any AV is installed and up to date, that is OK to connect?

However, if get this for all our staff, will the AV built-in with Forticlient runs all time (ie even when not using Forticlient) in addition to their existing AV? That might cause performance issues.


Thanks for your input

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I am in the process of doing something similar.   The Forticlient comes with a bundle that pretty much includes everything ( not sure if other bundles are available).    The Forticlient EMS ( Endpoint Management Server  is "free" and gives you a lot of control about what is running when.    You can lock everything down and have it run granularly when users are connected and also have a separate profile for when they are disconnected from the VPN.


I force everything I want running when they are connected and assign an unobtrusive profile when they are not.   If they are not connected they can even stop the Forticlient agent.   



Just noticed I necro'd the thread... appologies


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