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VOIP Issues\Questions



We have recently setup a cloud hosted VOIP system in our office and we are having an issue with phone calls being connected but neither person can hear the other. Doesn't happen on every call but enough to be a problem. I have gone through and disabled the ALG and session helper as I have run into that in the past however when running the below portion of the KB article the set sip-expectation disable doesn't stay in the config. I'm not sure if that is causing the issue or not. Also when doing a packet capture I see that the SIP traffic is not getting the correct DSCP code. It gets 44 instead of the 46. The subsequent RTP traffic is getting the correct code, is that normal? I can post a capture where the call connected but no one can hear each other if that helps as well. 


Note that since version 6.2.2 the CLI command is different:

# config system settings     set default-voip-alg-mode kernel-helper-based     set sip-expectation disable     set sip-nat-trace disable end


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