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VIP not working on new 200E

So I have been running a 110c for several years now and I decided to move to a 200E. I was able to use forti converter to move to the new firewall and it worked well for most of the configuration. One problem I am having is routing mail to my mailgate. I have a several static IP's with one being used for my mail domain. On my 110c I have a VIP setup for my external Comcast IP to my internal IP (mailgate) and everything works fine and has for years. On the new firewall the config is exactly the same but I am not able to route any traffic from the external IP to the mailgate.


So far I have removed the VIP and all policies and reconfigured them and I have reset the ARP table on the Comcast modem. Everything else with the mailgate is working (external, DMZ to internal) but the Virtual IP.


Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Thank you


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