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Using Fortigate in HA without switch


I have a small setup that requires HA. With only 3 servers, I was thinking if to reduce cost I can go without an external switch.

Servers are used for virtualization and will have multiple VLAN configured, each VM would be assigned to a VLAN. VMs on the same VLAN on different servers would communicate without any filtering.

Link between the servers and the Firewall should be configured as a trunk.

Is this setup OK with FWs configured in HA (A/P)?

Thank you for your help!





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As someone else does the servers where I work, I had not heard of NIC Teaming, but a quick Google search seems to indicate this CAN work if configured properly.  What you would need to do is make sure your NIC team was set up with a standby adapter and not some kind of load-balancing or aggregation.  If you can make that happen, this would work for one side of your firewalls.  You'll still need a switch for the other (WAN?) side.


In this case only one port have the connectivity, for which in hypervisor ESXi do you configure the virtual switch NIC Teaming in mode "Route Based on Originating Port ID".


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