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Using FSSO to allow traffic only from domain-joined stations?

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We've implemented FSSO in our network, with purpose to allow traffic to network resources only from stations joined to our Windows domain. However, as I see, if a user authenticates to any domain resources (for instance, SMB service on a domain controller itself) - the DC saves the IP address of his station, the DC Agent reports it to Collector Agent, the Collector Agent reports it to FortiGates - and the IP is allowed to send traffic, depending on a group membership of the user, but NOT depending on domain membership of his station. It can be just a standalone PC.


I understand that this makes no difference for domain controller, but maybe there is some way to allow FSSO to distinguish between logon events relating to domain-joined and non-domain-joined devices?


Maybe it's even possible to use a group membership information for the stations in FSSO decisions?


Our Collector Agent is set to scan events on domain controllers by WMI, but it also receives reports from DC Agents as well.



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