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Uninstalling FortiClient

Hello all, first timer. Our 1500D is new to us. We've been told the only way to get support for the free licenses (10) of the FortiClient is through the forums so here goes. We installed FC on a Windows 10 laptop for testing purposes. Everything went well and now we need to remove it. Now the dreaded "grayed" out uninstall option on the laptop. Every search that we've done recommends removing the PC registration from the FortiGate but no one ever says where that is in the FortiGate itself. Can someone point us in the right direction on where we remove this so we can uninstall FortiClient.


Big Thanks.

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You'll need to 'disconnect' FortiClient from the Fortigate, that should enable you to shutdown FortiClient by right clicking on the taskbar icon. Once it's shutdown you'll be able to uninstall the app in the usual way. You might need to modify the policy that's applied to the Forticlient via the Fortigate to facilitate disconnecting the client.

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Like I stated in my original post we've read that exact recommendation multiple times. For the life of us we can't find in the Fortigate where to remove the PC from. I've been through every menu option I can find. In the FortiClient under Remote Access we are connected to the VPN. Under Compliance & Telemetry we are Disconnected and the VPN still works. Do we need to be connected to Compliance & Telemetry before we can remove the Client?


We followed the directions in this link:  and got everything working like we wanted it but are now finding it nearly impossible to remove the FortiClient from the test machine. Getting to the point of being ridiculous. 

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We struggled getting the client off of a few machines for a while, but then realized all we had to do was download Total Uninstall and run it on the machine. This allowed us to remove Forticlient without unregistering it or fighting through the guides provided. Took all of about 2 minutes to do. We have brought this to their attention that users can do this, but so far they have refused to fix it. 


Can't say thank you enough for that solution!


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