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Unable to reach our destination network, from an upgrade windows 7 to Windows 10



I did not find any answer to my issue on this forum,

I have an issue very strange with Forticlient VPN


I connected to a VPN without any problem, i get an IP from VPN range


When i try with Windows 7 (VM)  on VMWARE it works fine to connect, i can ping an IP (192.168......)

when i try with Windows 10 (VM) on VMWARE it works fine to connect, but when i try to ping the same IP, it does not work.

When i try with windows 10, on my laptop it works fine to connect, i can ping this iP (192.168...)


We try with differents version 6.0 & 7.0

we compare all our configurations.

We try to add a static route.

We remove IPV6 from our network card and adapter.


Please could you help me :)


Best regards



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Hello @kevin_bieliauskas ,


                         Could you please confirm following information


- Are you using split tunnel in the VPN config, if yes can you verify the routes on the host after making the VPN connection using the following command


route print


- Please make sure you see the route for the respective IP or subnet via the tunnel, if that is verified we will need to run a sniffer on the firewall to see where the packet is being dropped.