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URL Based Routing??

Hey Guys,


Is there a way to do URL based routing on the FGT? FortiOS v5....


We have two ISP lines and would like traffic to certain websites to only go via the one line.


Thanks in advance!




In general, the process for web-based traffic is the following, assuming one step for the entire DNS exchange:


1. Client resolves the web server IP via DNS

2. FortiGate receives client SYN packet

3. A session is allocated

4. A routing lookup is performed based on the routing table (connected, static, and dynamic routes based on destination), in addition and subsequent to policy routes (policy routes are applied before the rest of the routing table)

5. Based on the source and destination interface and address, service, time of day, and optionally, user or device, a policy is matched, and logging, WANOpt, web cache, NAT, UTM, and disclaimer rules are applied.


Step #4 always happens before policy matching, so crafting a policy on its own will not guarantee egress out a certain port, only that traffic choosing that port already can be blocked. In this manner, though, it is theoretically possible, if you have perfect 50/50 non-random, alternating packet load balancing, that half the requests would exit the right port when they weren't denied by the policy created, or alternately, that didn't hit the implicit deny, but were allowed by the policy you mentioned.


The FortiGate doesn't load balance in this fashion, unfortunately, so a policy wouldn't work.

Regards, Chris McMullan Fortinet Ottawa

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Yes you can do that with Policy Routing.

We have a SD-WAN and I had to point a specific URL to one of the ISP.policy.jpg