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Trial Migration to Another VM fortigate

Hello Fortnite Support Team,

I hope this message finds you well. I'm writing to seek assistance regarding the migration of my trial on a virtual machine (VM) to another. I've already initiated the trial on one VM, but now I need to transfer it to a new VM.

I would like to know the correct procedure for carrying out this migration. If there's a step-by-step guide or specific instructions, I would greatly appreciate receiving them.


Hi potenti,

Will be good to define why you want to migrate. I would say you copy the VM to the other. It is a trial, so there is no productive network behind it as well; so adapt IP addresses as needed and you're done.

Otherwise, you can CLI copy&paste section that are needed to the other VM.

Migrations would normally be done keeping the configuration as is but change the base the VM is sitting on; that should be doable with what I listed there.


Best regards,





Hi potenti,

As Markus_M explained, you can back up the FGT configuration and restored to the new VM. Backup is editable via notepad editor app. You can do it via GUI :

  1. Click on the username in the upper right-hand corner of the screen and select Configuration > Backup.
  2. Direct the backup to your Local PC or to a USB Disk.

    The USB Disk option will not be available if no USB drive is inserted in the USB port. You can also backup to the FortiManager using the CLI.

  3. If VDOMs are enabled, indicate whether the scope of the backup is the entire FortiGate configuration (Global) or only a specific VDOM configuration (VDOM).

    If backing up a VDOM configuration, select the VDOM name from the list.

  4. Enable Encryption. Encryption must be enabled on the backup file to back up VPN certificates.
  5. Enter a password, and enter it again to confirm it. This password will be required to restore the configuration.
  6. Click OK.
  7. When prompted, select a location on the PC or USB disk to save the configuration file. The configuration file will have a .conf extension.

Or via CLI there are several transfer options "usb, tftp, ftp etc."
Then you can perform the restore to the new VM please review the following guide:

Additionally, review the following article:


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