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Transparent Proxy - Specific URL Redirection to WebProxy

Hi Folks, I've a PAC file that does a simple Proxy forwarding depending on the URL going to visit. If it's URL requested, it proxies the connection over the uk.proxy squid and if it's .com to the .com squid server.


I've tested this .PAC config straight into the client devices and it works fine.


Here is the PAC code:


function FindProxyForURL(url, host)


       if (shExpMatch(url, "**"))         return "PROXY";


       if (shExpMatch(url, "**"))

       return "PROXY";

               return "DIRECT"; }


I would like to do the same but avoiding the configuration of all the network devices to use the specific .PAC file or whitout the use of autoproxy sent by DHCP (android and iphones don't support autoproxy).


Anybody knows if it's there a way to configure Fortigate to forward the URL connection over a specific web-proxy based on the requested URL? The closest I've found it's WCCP, but it's redirecting ALL the traffic over a WCCP Server-Client GRE tunnel, which adds complexity to the network and another service to maintain. I'm looking for a more simple URL based policy in case it exist or Transparent Proxy URL based redirection. Otherwise I would just enable autoproxy in all the devices and send the PAC file over DHCP. Cheers!

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