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Transparent Proxy - Block YouTube (Security Profiles Not Working)

Hi there, 


Hopefully someone can help. 


I have a FG60 configured with Transparent Proxy. I have my the explicit-proxy enabled and firewall policy created and set to "proxy-based" with "proxy http(s)" enabled. I then have my transparent-web proxy policy created with all my security profiles applied. 

Everything is working as expected, the firewall policy is successfully proxying the traffic to my proxy policy however despite being blocked in URL filter as well as explicitly in application control and video/audio category being blocked I am still able to access. 

In the logs, it says that YouTube is being denied but this is not the case as I am still able to browse and watch videos. I have deep packet inspection enabled and certificate installed on device, other cloud applications i.e. Facebook, Vimeo etc are being blocked by this but YouTube is somehow slipping through. 


Any ideas? 






Update - Security Profiles are working as expected. I tried to access YouTube via InPrivate browser and it was successfully blocked. Tested normal browser windows after clearing cache and working as configured. 

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