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Transfert config from physical to a virtual. FG1100E to VM64-KVM

Looking a way to transfert my config to Fortigate VM in my eve-ng lab, when it reboot i get the config file may contain error... and cant login anymore... somebody have been able to acheive this?


I have not had an issue logging into a VM however I believe you could edit the text file you are loading into the VM to remove / reset the password as in:

config system admin
    edit "admin"
        set password SomePassword # not set password ENC ...


endOr you could copy the above section from the VM into the configuration file you are about to load. Either way once you can log in you can read the config error log which will give good clues on what needs to be done next. How are you creating the configuration that you load onto the VM? You need to replace the file header to match the VM hardware and probably need to map port names from physical to the VM (we use internal[1-7] > port[1-7], dmz > port 8 etc for our desktop hardware).

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