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Thoughts on Fortinet?

From what I have seen their products seem to be really well engineered and they have a lot of nice to have features. But the sales process with them has been so miserable I’m tempted to look elsewhere. Getting a quote for specifically what I ask for has been next to impossible. A good example is that I’m looking to purchase between 11 and 20 fortigates and for a FortiManager VM was quoted correctly on the initial licensing but on the renewal they quoted 100+ devices and they didn’t even quote me on FortiAnalyzer like I asked for… That and I don’t even think they can explain the difference between the cloud offerings with the 360 protection bundle and going with virtual machines on premise because every time I ask the same question about functionality I get a different answer and that answer usually is not correct per documentation I find after discussions with them…

I really do like the threat protection features I have seen and read about in the documentation but I’m open to other solutions if it’s going to be this difficult to actually get pricing so I can work on actually budgeting everything.

On another note what is everyone’s thoughts on their switches and access points and how they are integrated into the FortiGates? It looks interesting but I have a preference for Junipers switches and unifi seems much more cost effective for wireless. But if you don’t go with their entire product line are you really get your money’s worth with FortiManager?

Also is anyone able to explain the difference between their 360 protection bundle and going with FortiManager and Analyzer as a Virtual Machine?

I would really appreciate all of the help I can get with this.

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Hello @ogelnisan ,


Thank you for posting to Fortinet Community Forum. As per your query, Fortinet 360 Protection Bundle enables MSSPs and Network/Security teams by providing the best Real-Time Network Management, Comprehensive Security, and Operational Services—and most importantly—backed by Fortinet’s ASE FortiCare for fastest ticket resolution.
The 360 Protection Bundle from Fortinet includes operational services via cloud-based, real-time, single-pane-of-glass management and analytics.

The 360 Protection Bundle also includes a complete set of security services from Fortinet, including robust and complete advanced malware protection, an intrusion prevention system (IPS), and a security rating service. Also included are services to help protect SD-WAN infrastructure, virtual private network (VPN) systems, and industrial control systems (ICS).

This, along with the FortiCare ASE Support included in the bundle, provides a comprehensive toolset that enables organizations of any size to follow the best practices for operations and security recommended by Fortinet—all without adding staff.

360 protection enables 3 key use cases for customers in their SD-WAN, NGFW and other Network Security Projects.

Having this bundle with FortiManager and Analyzer as a Virtual Machine would be added advantage.

360 Protection Bundle includes FortiManager-Cloud and FortiAnalyzer-Cloud, which enable organizations to leverage centralized management and analytics tools for the entire Fortinet Security Fabric—all from a cloud-based platform. Fabric-enabled devices are visible from a single pane of glass— whether they are at headquarters, at branch locations around the world, or mobile.


Let me know if this helps.



FortiGate-VM delivers the same FortiOS and FortiGuard real time threat intelligence
as the hardware models, in a virtual form factor. FortiGate-VM offers flexible licensing and
provisioning for virtual network deployments.

Refer the below

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