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Testing FortiEDR on Windows Server - no connection possible

We are testing #FortiEDR on a 3 Windows Server 2012 R2: A, B,


Installations went smooth and Ensilo Console showed apparently normal steps:

  • Collector [xxxxxxxxxxx] was registered and added to the system
  • Collector [xxxxxxxxxxx] state was changed to "Degraded" . Warnings: There is no available configuration. Please contact support. .
  • Collector [xxxxxxxxxxx] state was changed to "Running" .

A is a file server. After installation, no share could be used. Memory an CPU looked alright

B is a low activity webserver. After installation, website could not be reached. . Memory an CPU looked alright

C is an empty server. After installation, no problems have bee detected.


We had to uninstall FortiEDR form A and B.


Did anyone face similar problems with file and web servers on Windows Server?



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You have to check the policies on the Management Server ( EMS Manager). Are you applying the policies in Monitor/simulation mode or blocking mode. 

Rosa Technocrat -- Also on YouTube---Please do Subscribe
Rosa Technocrat -- Also on YouTube---Please do Subscribe
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Thank you for your help.


No EMS Manager at hand right now.

Security settings at th ensilo console shows the following policies, and all of them are oset to "simulation":

Execution Prevention
Exfiltration Prevention
Ransomware Prevention
Device Control
Application Control
eXtended Detection
xxxxxxx-Execution Prevention clone
xxxxxxx-Exfiltration Prevention clone
xxxxxxxx-eXtended Detection clone
xxxxxxxx-Ransomware Prevention clone

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same issue, waiting for a fix or workaround...

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Hi,  we´ve started (since 3 Month) to endroll fortiedr Agents on our Servers running with VMware ESXi. We´re new customer. We´ve just enroll the Agent in Listenmode ....    There are a lot of problems. Support creates a new Version, but now, since we update VMware Tools to latest Version - similar Problem. 

 Also Problem on our Citrix Environment with PVS Servers.            

So we disable the Agent on affected Servers and wait till Supports creates a new Clientversion ....


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