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Takeover standalone FortiClient with EMS



we have circa 1400 installs of Forticlient currently and they are all standalone (we use Dell KACE to push config updates), however we want to leverage the features in EMS so are deploying EMS.


Is there a way of programming the standalone installs to be managed by our new EMS, or is there a method of taking them over? I'd rather avoid manually visiting every machine and clicking the Compliance tab and entering the IP and password for the EMS.


I'm hoping that one of the below is accurate:

1. a command line can be run on the machine like the fcconfig.exe command to connect it to EMS (can do that from KACE if such an option exists).

2. I can configure it in a config file that I can then push out using KACE and fcconfig like we do already

3. there is a wizard or something in EMS itself that allows you to takeover machines if you supply domain admin credentials


anyway, thoughts?





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I raised a support ticket about CLI configuration as I need to de-register the FortiClient installs from EMS so I can generate a new UID. However, at this moment in time support tell me the only way to achieve this is via the GUI and it's not on the roadmap either. There are some CLI tools available but nothing to control EMS connectivity. To be honest this really surprised me as there must be some way of doing it but TAC said no.......


Fortinet have a habit of missing really really really obvious requirements that presumably would not be difficult to implement...........


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