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TP link wireless accesspoint keeps droping need manual restart

hi everyone

i am using fortigate 40f firewall and it connected to switch which is connected to my client pc in the office

in the same switch i connected the TP link access point..


when using the internet all the client pc ( wired ) all working fine at the same time wireless AP always getting disconnected

i have to restated manually and also after some hours of times its again getting down when its down i cant see the device in the inventory list either,  I cant give a ping test of my ip scan also not detecting the AP, after i restart only can ping and can connect devices 


Please help me

thank you


i am using a manual IP for AP  but still the problem is getting remained 

Please help me where do i missd or please let me know if there any problem in device (AP) 


"when its down i cant see the device in the inventory list either" -- that should clearly tell you the problem is with the AP 

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Hello Roshanzak,


So far have you tried to restart the switch which connects the firewall to the AP.


Also, can you test by creating another subnet on the FortiGate interface and connecting the AP directly to confirm if this is not an issue with the switch?


Let us know if this helps.


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