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System alias config

Hello all.


I would like to ask for some solution regarding the alias configuration on FGT FW.

Below you can see that I setup basic alias named "route" to view routing table:



FW03A (global) # show system alias config system alias     edit "route"         set command "get router info routing-table details "     next end



But main idea was to use this alias along with filtering of exact route, not view whole table (the reason why there is a white-space after "details" keyword).

However, when I put anything after the alias name, it will refuse to use it (there is no possibility to add anything after it):

FW03A (IFW1) # alias route ?  <Enter> FW03A (IFW1) # alias route command parse error before '' Command fail. Return code -61 FW03A (IFW1) # alias route ?  <Enter> FW03A (IFW1) # alias route

Did someone from you managed this "issue" in way to use anything after the alias ?

Browsing through the routing table, where is 100 rows is not what I want...


I was thinking about some use of regular expression, if this can be put inside the alias and somehow got the route into it (or similarly with any other alias like "show firewall policy " + policy_ID.


Thank you very much for any help !

Best Regards


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I am really interested if you find something because I'm trying to use the same alias system for "diagnose sniffer packet any 'host x.x.x.x' 4 0 l" where I would juste type "host x.x.x.x" by example :\

Could be time saving :D