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Syslog and Fortianalyzer at the same time


Is there a way to send logs to a Syslog Server and Fortianalyzer at the same time?

From my Fortigate GUI, you can only enable one or the other. 

Worth noting that the firewall is not enabled to use VDOM. 



I didn't know this but I see the same with 6.2.9 GUI. Apparently you need to use CLI:

xxxx-fg1 # config log ? custom-field           Configure custom log fields. eventfilter            Configure log event filters. fortianalyzer          Configure first FortiAnalyzer device. fortianalyzer-cloud    Configure cloud FortiAnalyzer device. fortianalyzer2         Configure second FortiAnalyzer device. fortianalyzer3         Configure third FortiAnalyzer device. fortiguard             Configure log for FortiCloud. gui-display            Configure how log messages are displayed on the GUI. memory                 Configure memory log. null-device            Configure logging for statistics collection for when no external logging destination, such as FortiAnalyzer, is present (data is not saved). setting                Configure general log settings. syslogd                Configure first syslog device. syslogd2               Configure second syslog device. syslogd3               Configure third syslog device. syslogd4               Configure fourth syslog device. threat-weight          Configure threat weight settings. webtrends              Configure Web trends.


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