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Synchronize Outlook folders/mails/mailboxes via Fortinet VPN, speed up processs & set loading order

Hi there,

since I'm not an IT-expert forgive me technical misunderstandins. So, as soon as we connect to Fortinet VPN, it takes about 5-10min to synchronize the relevant mailboxes/folders/mails in Outlook. Each folder is about 10GB while one who's only used to forward mails just has about 300-400MB but still doesn't load quicker. Is there any way to speed up this process? Apart from this question I want to ask, whether you can set a loading order of the folders, to prioritize the more important ones.

Thx for your support!!!


Any ideas? 

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Full tunnel or split tunnel?  Office 365 email or Exchange on-prem?

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Exchange on-prem.

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I suppose full tunnel on FortiClient, but couldn't reach anyone confirming this. How is it possible to check that?


full tunnel means, all internet/non-inet traffic goes through that firewall ( from cmd > route print -4 ). if there's a default route pointing to that vpn interface, then it's full.


split tunnel - some traffic is routed through the tunnel to the apps/services on the company LAN, the rest uses your internet connection for usual internet traffic


Yeah it's full thank you!