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Suggestions on enhancing 'knowledge base' issues/questions categories/views/analytics

I like the way how all the Fortinet Product (#FortiGate, #FortiManager, etc) based  "Knowledge Base" Tab has been created. I have a new proposal, for creating the following few things in another tab or in the existing tab.

1. Can these issues/questions also be grouped into a "volume" and "frequency" of the requests/issues, like how many issues in each of the product category, etc. This will give us which product has been raising most issues, and things like that. 

2. Another thing is to view of all these issues in a timeline of the issues raised and resolved (like how many issue in a particular day/week/month/etc. are getting created (and also by whom) and getting resolved (by whom)),

3. Another metric to create also would be to find out ' how many are getting resolved in what time-frame" and maybe even who is addressing those in what frequency


All these will definitely add move value of the  number/quantity and quality of issues/questions, and look at its history, and current issues, and allow member to view what is going on in the Fortinet community at large. 

PS: any further clarification on this request if needed, please contact me.

Ravi Sutrave
Ravi Sutrave
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Grouping issues by volume and frequency of requests can really help identify priority areas for product and support improvements. A chronology of problems and their solutions will allow you to better track dynamics and identify trends in working with products. The resolution time metric will help you evaluate the effectiveness of support and identify bottlenecks in the problem resolution process.

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