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Streaming media time analysis

Hello I have the following dataset which generates 'per user' time usage of the category description 'Shopping'.

How can I do exactly the same thing but for the catdesc 'Streaming Media and Download' (or similiar). I tried to swap out 'catdesc='Shopping' with catdec='Streaming Media and Download' but it failed.


select user_src, domain, ebtr_value(ebtr_agg_flat(browsetime), null, $timespan) as browsetime from ###(select user_src, domain, ebtr_agg_flat(browsetime) as browsetime from (select coalesce(nullifna(`user`), ipstr(`srcip`)) as user_src, coalesce(nullifna(hostname), ipstr(`dstip`)) as domain, ebtr_agg_flat($browse_time) as browsetime from $log where $filter and $browse_time is not null and (catdesc = 'Shopping') and nullifna(`user`) is not null group by user_src, domain) t group by user_src, domain order by ebtr_value(ebtr_agg_flat(browsetime), null, null) desc)### t group by user_src, domain order by browsetime desc


Not sure if you modified dataset had the same typo as your forum post ... should be catdesc= (not catdec=).

As an alternative, you could also use the category ID (cat=).

Chris Hall
Fortinet Technical Support
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When you run the test, are you getting an error? Can you post that here if so?

Or no error or data showing?


The following Web Filter Categories are excluded when calculating browse time:                        || cat == 17     // Advertising                                                                                           || cat == 19     // Freeware and Software Downloads                                                                       || cat == 24     // File Sharing and Storage                                                                              || cat == 25     // Streaming Media and Download                                                                          || cat == 54     // Dynamic Content                                                                                       || cat == 55     // Meaningless Content                                                                                   || cat == 72     // Peer-to-peer File Sharing                                                                             || cat == 76     // Internet Telephony                                                                                    || cat == 82     // Content Server                                                                                        || cat == 85     // Domain Parking


These categories are excluded because they are often associated with web activity not directly initiated by end users.

Chris Hall
Fortinet Technical Support
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