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Stop Fortigate from blocking my Comcast home IP so I can send mail

I have a Fortigate 60E in front f my mail server. I have it configured to block spam via a security policy. I am using the default email filtering settings. Recently, at home I got a new IP from Comcast, and ever since the Fortigate is preventing me from sending mail because it thinks the Comcast IP is spam. I can receive mail, but cannot send. The Fortigate gives an error in the logs that the Comcast IP is in the Fortigate Antispam block list.


How do I whitelist the IP so the Fortinet allows the mail? I have tried adding an Allow list by going to "Security Profiles -> Email Filter -> default > Block/Allow List" and typing in the IP address, but this doesn't work, the mail is still blocked.


Why do you apply email filter to outgoing policy?


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