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Specific web request failed when called via HTTP2

We have a single http2 request failing when called with OPTIONS method. The device is running as Reverse Proxy, we don’t have any protection policies applied. In the server policy and server pool we have HTTP2 feature enabled. The backend is nginx 1.14 running on docker, which in it’s turn proxies connections to another container running java web API. We fully support HTTP2 all the way up to the web service. The same call works when called directly to nginx with http2. It works even when goes through WAF but only in case we called it via http/1.x specifically. Apart from this specific call we have a lot of other similar and they all work fine both with http/1.x or http2. Any idea on what could be the issue is much appreciated.    Here is the request failing:, applications,,,,,,,,,,,,,nav. bar.smtp.config.ui,,,,,,,

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rather than using http2 use https, http2 is not more used in web protocols, all the aspects you have written here are good example of navbar.

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