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Some questions on Fortigate

Hi all,

I have started using Fortigate recently for my company (FG-101F) recently and have encountered some issues.

- Fortitokens - I bought a licensing for 50 Fortitokens. All good actually when I am using my company email ( and gmail for activation email sending. But when I tried it with hotmail, yahoo or another company email address (, I cant seem to receive the activation email


- When I restart the Fortigate, it seems to be completed within 20 seconds. Uptime status is reset. Has it really been restarted ? Its awfully fast, too fast.


- When I shutdown my fortigate, how do I power it on again ? There are no buttons for me to toggle it on and off. Only way is to plug and unplug the power supply, which triggers a scan disk upon login. I do have not admin access either when its powered down.

omegle xender

Hi @upnyakhir,


Thank you for contacting Fortinet Community.


For the query related to Fortitokens, please run alertmail debugs and see if the emails are actually sent by SMTP server.

diag debug reset
diag debug application alertmail -1

diag debug console timestamp enable
diag debug enable


You can stop the debugs by;

diag debug disable

diag debug reset


Normally a reboot takes 2-3 minutes at minimum before you get the prompt to enter the credentials.


It is recommended to power off the device properly by issuing 'execute shutdown' command. The only way to power up the device again is to disconnect/reconnect the power cord.


Hi @upnyakhir ,

Regarding Fortitoken activation email, it may be getting blocked by some email providers due to SPF check.
You will have to put an exception so the email is not blocked. Here is another article with more information about this:

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