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[Solved] FortiClient VPN only on macOS Monterey 12.7.1

Hi all, I've managed to get FortiClient VPN only running on Monterey 12.7.1


There's something wrong with version 7.2.2. Please use version 6.4.10. All you need is to download version 6.4.10 and install it. No need for any further additions to System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Full Disk Access.


I've validated this personally.


Hope to save your post Thanksgiving day from spending time on this problem that should not have occurred in the first place.


Ey Sayhong, regarding this situation, I would like to know how did you resolve this? I've seen a lot of situations related to this kind of issue related with MAC, and your opinion is helpful to everybody, thanks in advance!

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Hey @jadacime

It's essential to remove all traces of FortiClient 7.2.2 before installing FortiClient 6.4.10.

Here are the breadcrumbs to check for FortiClient.


NOTE 1: I'm running only FortiClient VPN Only so my steps apply only to that product

NOTE 2: You'll need administrator credentials to run the following steps. (Your account may not be an admin account but you need credentials of an administrator in order to make changes)



  1. Start with the FortiClient uninstaller. After completion, go to step 2
  2. Open up Terminal and check the following directories and remove them
    1. /Library/Application Support/FortiClient
    2. $HOME/Library/Application Support/FortiClient
  3.  Check the Privacy tab in System Preferences > Security & Privacy and remove signs of FortiClient in Full Disk Access (again you will need admin creds to unlock [bottom left] to make changes)


Hope this helps.


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