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Slowly increasing memory usage in FortiGate 60F

Good day,We have a FortiGate 60F firmware 6.4.2 deployed for a small network of about 10 concurrent users and a handful of servers. We have a basic VLAN segmentation between local workstations, VPN users and servers. We use firewall policies to the Internet with Antivirus, IPS, SSL Certificate Inspection and Web Filtering. We also have firewall policies between the VLANs with SSL Cert Inspection, Antivirus and IPS.I'm observing this behavior wherein after a FW reboot, the memory usage will sit at around 50-55% for the day, and slowly creep up until it reaches about 80% a 2 weeks later. At this point, I just reboot the firewall.When I check memory usage via the diag sys top command, I see that the difference is being made by the updated process. On the first day, I'll see 3 instances of updated with around 3-4% memory usage each instance; after 2 weeks, I'll see 10 instances of updated with around 3-5% memory usage each.I'm not finding any useful information online in regard to this issue. Just a description of updated being used to create shared memory segments. Does anybody know what might be happening here? I post this in this section because I belive this is associated with IPS.




It is recommended to run the latest build in the FortiOS branch due to vulnerability and bug fixes. Release notes includes section with the list of fixed memory leaks.