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Slow internet page loading 5.4.1 (possible botnet detection issue)

Users complained about slow internet page loads.

DNS lookups looked fine, ping replys all good.


Users on a specific subnet had this issue, only difference was botnet detection was turned on for that interface.

Looks like the page started its initial load, but adverts were very slow to load...which in turn would not let the page load as normal.


Botnet detection was set to block, but it was unable to to update for some reason despite the fact that the fortiguard services were up to date with a valid subscription.


We suspect this caused slow lookup / IP validation for ad services and caused the internet pages to load like 28K dialup





New Contributor

Similar issue here with 5.4.4


Hello... Can I have favor to you guys? Could you please try to open this website ( I just want to know if it will load faster or in normal speed on your side using chrome and IE. It's because I have problem with this website only here in our company. It loads so so slow using our company internet. We are using fortigate 500E. But when I am using my personal internet or other internet outside our company this website loads normally... Thank you.


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