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Setup router in between modem and Fortigate 110C

Hi all,


Im new in this network field,


How can I configure network when i put router in between modem and Fortigate 110C.


As before this I'm using direct access from modem to Fortigate 110C.


Due to technical issue, I need to put router in between modem and Fortigate 110C.


Before this my modem is using X.X.X.217 and I just put it my Wan 1 IP/Network Mask.


But as router coming in the middle, my isp provider give me X.X.X.218 to be set in my Wan IP/Network Mask.



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Hi Che Ta,


I believe this video will help you :)




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Hi tnhafiz,


Thank you for your reply.


But may I know why did not use Routing or NAT?

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You can use both actually.Routing/Nat will require you to configure LAN & WAN of your fortigate to communicate properly.So if you want to use routing/NAT, you have to make sure you route all you internal to the gateway. And assign proper/correct IP address to the WAN port of your fortigate that connect to the router.


If using transparent mode, your fortigate will only act as a device to analyze/scan/inspection.

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