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Setting up FortiAP 431F with FortiSwitch 124E

I am new to Fortinet. And now I need to deploy a basic setup for FortiGate 81E-POE, with FortiSwitch 124E and FortiAP 431F.

The 431F have two LAN ports for 1 x 2.5G and 1 x 1G. Under the Fortinet configuration guide the 2 LAN ports can support Link Aggregation (LAG/LACP) and I already enable it. (using CLI : cfg -a WANLAN_MODE=AGGREGATE).

My question is :

Is this Link Aggregation (LAG/LACP) function in FortiAP is use for double transmission bandwith ?

In the FortiSwitch 124E, does it need to create a trunk to use Link Aggregation (LAG/LACP) function for connect to 431F ?

Many thanks.

Yes, LACP will allow to use/aggregate both interfaces as shown in the guide, but that can not be mixed with different speed 2.5Gbps and 1Gbps. In your case this switch will build the LACP using 2x1Gbps. I'm not aware of FSW using auto-isl with AP, I guess you have to manually create the trunk also in the switch as shown here.


- Emirjon
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