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Setting up 2 100D together but not in HA mode



This is my first time doing anything complicated with Fortigates and I am hitting a wall.  What I am trying to accomplish is have 1 FG100D acting as a firewall/router to another FG100D which is connected to my internal network so I have a double-knock before my sensitive data. I am not trying to set them up in HA mode, but just being paranoid :)


I have 2 Fortigates 100D. I have the first one with the public IP assigned to the WAN1 and routing traffic to the LAN.  The LAN is patched across to the WAN of the 2nd FG100D which then routes the data to that LAN and plugs into my vlan.


So far, I have not been able to get the LAN of the 1st FG100D to communicate to the WAN of the 2nd unit.  The link lights just stay solid and no traffic flows.  I wasn't sure if I needed to set up a VPN tunnel between the 2 units?


I am very new at routers so I am spending a lot of time reading tutorials and forums but I do have a basic grasp of networking.

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If you're new, you need to learn how to sniff traffic with CLI at FGs. That's the beginning of almost all troubleshooting.

But first thing(s) to check before start troubleshooting is:

 - ping is allowed on the interface

 - if any trusthosts are configured under admin.

Then if both are clear, I would start sniffing whiling pinging.

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