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Session Maintenance


I have a question regarding the configuration of FortiGate and FortiWeb.

We've set up FortiGate as the default gateway for our servers to access the internet for OS updates, and we're using FortiWeb to perform PAT (Port Address Translation) for HTTPS/HTTP traffic. Specifically, HTTPS traffic is being PATed to port 4443 on FortiWeb. Behind FortiWeb, we have a Skype-ready server.

My question is: Will this setup cause any call dropping on the server? In other words, if incoming traffic on port 443 is being PATed to port 4443 on FortiWeb, will this result in any dropped calls? Additionally, I'd like to understand whether the outgoing traffic, which is PATed to port 4443, exits directly from FortiWeb's session maintenance or if it drops at the gateway, which is FortiGate


Hi Daniyal

For the second part of your question, if your FWB is in reverse proxy mode, in case the outgoing traffic is initiated by your back-end server then it will go through the gateway directly. But if it is a response traffic to a request that was reverse-proxyed by FWB then the traffic will return via FortiWeb then via FortiGate then to the client that initiated the request.


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