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Send automated backups of the configuration from a FortiGate with an automation stich - IP Issue

Regarding this technical note:


Specifically this section: When the FTP server is known through an IPSec VPN.


I´m having an issue with a 100F unit, with 2 vdoms.


One vdom (vdom B) actually reaches the backup server with its management ip, this vdom does not have a wan port assigned nor has direct internet connection.


But the other vdom (vdom A), this vdom does have a wan port assigned and has direct internet connection and is showing the WAN ip through the ipsec, not the management ip that it has assigned. Is there any way to make it use the management ip or force it?

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Hello @FortDoog ,


Thank you for reaching out . 
As per my understanding it looks like VDOM B is reaching the FTP server internally, and for the other VDOM it is going through the WAN(internet)and this is why it is showing the IPSEC IP address. 
I believe you can play with routing table to force VDOM A to reach the FTP server internally, and not through the WAN interface. 

Please clarify if i miss understood. 


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Hi, thanks for attending my question.


No, I poorly redacted my problem.

The 100F unit communicates with a 200F unit in which the FTP server is connected, they have a IPSEC between them.

A graph will help:

Untitled Diagram-Page-5.jpg


  • vdomB, has no internet access, correctly shows the management ip ( when connecting to the ftp server.
  • vdomA, which has houses the wan port, shows the wan ip (as indicated in the technical tip) when connecting to the ftp server.

How come, vdomB shows the management ip and vdomA shows the wan ip instead? how do I make vdomA use or force it to use is management ip?


I forgot to mention that I had the same setup working (both vdoms showing the management IP when connecting to the FTP server) on a 300D (ver. 6.4), and when I upgraded to a 100F (ver. 7.4) it stopped working for one of the vdoms only (the one that has the wan port associated).

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