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SSLvpn routing thru site to site tunnel to branch office




Need some help here.   I have SSL VPN & site to site between branch offices setup.  

I cannot get SSL VPN client to route over to 20.x network.

Please enlighten.




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you need a route on the branch office firewall. -> IPSec Interface

policies as well for the IP or subnet

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Depending on your setup, you'll need to configure the 10.10.10.x network on phase2 selectors as local network on HQ and remote network on Branch.
Also as @asonay suggested, will you need a route on Branch FW towards 10.10.10.x via the VPN interface between HQ and Branch.
At the end, you need IPv4 policies on HQ and Branch as well to allow traffic ingress / egress between the networks.

I'm assume you use selector based VPN and no dynamic routing between HQ and Branch.

Kind regards
Kind regards
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