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SSLVPN split-DNS not allways working?

Hi community,

I'm facing an issue with our remote users, using FortiClient SSLVPN as their remote connection solution.

Mainly, the remote users are using our split-tunnel profile, only tunneling some coperate traffic over the VPN, rest goes out via local internet.

Additional, we have (at least tried) to configure split DNS as well, so that DNS queries for some corporate domains gets resolved by our local DNS server in the Datacenter (over the VPN). All other queries get resolved by local DNS (mainly remote users own ISP).


Now to explain the issue.

We have a public domain, lets call it ABC.COM, with public records registered at a public DNS provider.

That same domain (ABC.COM) also has a few internal (private) records registered at our internal DNS server at the Datacenter. it could be example.ABC.COM.

example.ABC.COM doesn't exist in the public DNS


Now, when remote users establish the split-tunnel VPN connection, in some cases they are able to resolve example.ABC.COM as they should. The internal private records.

But after some time.. and we don't know exactly yet how long, but maybe 30 minutes or so, their application can't resolve it anymore.

My suspicion is, that the WindowsOS (in this case) has tried to resolve the record of example.ABC.COM via it's local DNS (thus not using the split-DNS option).

For the setup:
We are running FortiClient 6.2.9 mainly at this point.

The VPN FortiGate runs FortiOS 6.2.10


The configuration settings of the FortiGate is like this:

config vpn ssl settings
set reqclientcert enable
set servercert "cert-here"
set idle-timeout 28800
set auth-timeout 72000
set login-timeout 180
set dtls-hello-timeout 45
set tunnel-ip-pools "SSLVPN_TUNNEL_ADDR1"
set tunnel-ipv6-pools "SSLVPN_TUNNEL_IPv6_ADDR1"
set port 443
set source-interface "Interface here"
set source-address "all"
set source-address6 "all"
set default-portal "no-access"
config authentication-rule
edit 2
set groups "our-group"
set portal "split-tunnel-portal"


The portal settings are like this:

config vpn ssl web portal
edit "split-tunnel-portal"
set tunnel-mode enable
set forticlient-download disable
set auto-connect enable
set keep-alive enable
set save-password enable
set ip-pools "NET-network"
set dns-server1 x.x.x.x
set dns-server2 y.y.y.y
set dns-suffix "our.internal.domain"
set host-check custom
set host-check-policy "check-windows" "check-mac"
config split-dns
edit 1
set domains "our.internal.domain,ABC.COM"
set dns-server1 x.x.x.x
set dns-server2 y.y.y.y


For the FortiClient profile config, the following is set:

DNS Cache Service Controll = Restart dnscache service

Prefere SSL VPN DNS = disabled


Executing an NSLOOKUP on a remote users WindowsPC, it can allways resolve the example.ABC.COM

By the way, it's not only for this single record; example.ABC.COM, we experience it for multiple records that has the domain registered in public DNS, but has a few specefic records registered in our private DNS as well.


The SSLVPN tunnel is stable and doesn't get disconnected at all


I've tried to play around with some of the settings for the SSLVPN at the FortiGate and the FortiClient, but without any luck in solving it as this point.


Maybe some of you have?
Do you know a tool that can be used to monitor / log the DNS queries a Windows PC performed.
I could have wireshark running for some time on a machine -> but maybe there is a better tool out there specific for DNS?


Kind regards

Kind regards
Kind regards
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Hi Jonas,


Can you run a packet capture on the FortiGate for the SSL VPN interface or specify the tunnel IP of the client on the packet capture(Network > Packet Capture) when the issue occurs.

From this, we can confirm if the traffic for port 53(DNS traffic) is acutally coming to fortigate.


Let me know if this helps

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Hi @Anonymous 
Indeed we can, and we have also tried this.
Unfortunately, it's not a consistent issue. So we have not been able to actually get our hands on an end-user when the problem actually occur.

And we are unable to replicate the issues our self.


But differently a step to take in order to confirm if DNS traffic runs over the split-tunnel

Kind regards
Kind regards
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I ran a wireshark capture on a client with the issue.
What I have identified is, that the client sends the DNS query towards the DNS server over the SSLVPN tunnel.
The DNS server replies back within 0.09 MS with the answer.
However the client sends and ICMP message with (destination port unreachable) back to the server, informatin that the answer from the server sendt to the client at the dst. port isn't reachable anymore.

For some reason, the port the client initiates is DNS query form is closed before the reply from the DNS server reaches.

Kind regards
Kind regards
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Tell me please, did you find a solution to this issue?

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Hello @HackerDeath ,
We have started running FortiClient 6.4.8. We have also done a complete re-install of FortiClient with the removal tool to clean up drivers and old regkey entries. 

So far we have not seen the issue. 

Kind regards
Kind regards
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