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SSLVPN Remote Desktop Freezes/Reconnects

Fortigate 1500D running firmware 5.6.1 

Two internet connections.  Only one used for VPN.


When connecting to any computer over the VPN using remote desktop the screen freezes after 1-3 seconds then times out and the reconnect screen comes up.  1-3 seconds later, screen freezes, times out, reconnects.  repeat...repeat...repeat.

This happens from multiple users homes, ISPs, and Windows versions.  Internal LAN RDP sessions work just fine with no reconnects.

VPN used to work just fine.  RDP sessions never reconnected.  Not exactly sure when it started as the VPN doesn't get used much overall, but I think it may have started after adding the second internet line.

I have searched Google, but can't find anything that matches my issue. 

Is there any special config that needs done since we have two internet lines?



Might add, a constant ping to the remote computer never misses a ping so I know the VPN is not having issues.

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I had the same problem with Fortinet 600C , firmware 5.2.4. I tried to found any logs but they were no use. I guess that This issue came after I removed the secondary DNS because I 've never seen this issue before. Is there someone who can help us?? Thanks




Hello, did you find a solution to this?  We are having the same issue, but it's not consistent, it is an intermittent issue, but happens multiple times throughout the day.

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