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SSL VPN with multiple WAN interfaces as SD-WAN

Good day Folk,

I got a FGT 100D configured with SD-WAN working fine.

The SD-WAN got 1 PPoE and 2 DHCP from 4G modem connected as WANs.

But now my VPN is not reachable anymore since implemented SD-WAN; on ssl VPN settings, it is set to the WAN with PPoE (in this case DSL), but nothing is working.

Can anyone assist me on how to fix this issue?

Thanks in advance 

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you might need to update your rules to allow the incoming traffic still. WAN to SD-WAN changes LOTS!


You will also need to setup the return traffic path too


config vpn ssl settings set route-source-interface enable end


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Not sure if this will help, but you can try:

config vpn ssl settings

set route-source-interface enable


Also, check the static routes on the WAN interfaces to make sure the PPPoE does not have lower distance than others.

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