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SSL-VPN with HTML5 RDP function cause FG conserve mode and then crash due memory overuse


yesterday I starts my new 91E cluster and after an hour I had to roll back!!!

Every VPN-SSL RDP client (I have about 15 users) consumes about 90MB of memory.

They start with 5MB every session and after an hour 5MB become 90MB.

After 40 minutes the firewall goes in conserve mode (RAM > 80%).

After 1 hour 90x15 =1350MB plus other processes cause the firewall crash.

I have the 5.4.4.

I opened a ticket. Did someone else experience this problem?




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Yep, me too. Even with the latest 5.4.5


If you perform activities insider your RDP over HTML5 (such as open programs, visit web page and so one) the used RAM continues to go.

Just as workaround you can close the RDP via HTML5 end if re-open it the used RAM restart from a begin situation (let me say, 28-30 MB for every RDP).


Just one note for all the readers: keep an eye for the guacd process, this is the one involved in the RDP over HTML5.