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SSL VPN not working on FGT_VM (v7.2.1.F-build1254)

Hi Experts,


I am simulating a SSL VPN remote on my Eve-ng Laboratory but it always fail.

From remote user via Forticlient, I always get this error "unable to establish the vpn connection forticlient (- 5)". When via browser, I always get ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH


Could someone confirm if this is limitation for Fortigate VM image? 


Hi, I remember that the VM with the trial had limitations:
For example you couldn't do VPN IPSEC with strong encryption. But I think SSL VPNs worked, by heart. See if the "diagnose debug vm-print-license" command gives you any interesting information


IPsec works just SHA1 if I remeber correctly, just not SSL vpn. I also use 7.2 version now with Evaluation license. I read somewhere here that  its not yet supported but I dont see any official documentation.


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