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SSL VPN not found on VDOM(no root) NPU


I manage a VDOM(not root) HW accelerated with NP6XLite on Fortigate 100F(FortiOS 6.2.9).

I create a VPN as indicated in the cookbook titled "SSL VPN split tunnel for remote user" (

Instead of wan as Listen on Interface(s) i put the accelerated processor interface NPU_vlink1 (ip;

and in Listen on port I set 20443.

A tip box inform me that "Web mode access will be listening at [link][/link]".

But is a port on the internal interface of my NPU_vlink1

So I can not reatch it from the extern of the firewall(internet)

If I nmap it

nmap -p 20443

i see

port         state  

20443/tcp    filtered


What I need to do to expose my vpn server on the internet?

Do you have some tips?

Thank You!




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If you want to terminate access at an vdom, regardless if it's for VPN or any other service, you need to have either a routable public IP on an interface (vdom-link in your case) in the vdom or a VIP (20443) forwarded from a public IP facing the internet to the interface (vdom-link). 


Hello Mr. Esumi,

thank you for your answer!


This procedure work if I want to terminate a classical service like ssh or http

For example I do a port forwarding from my VDOM(not root) interface (NPU_vlink1 ; to my local interface (internal_interface;


all If i want to connect from internet 

ssh -p 22222 user@

the port forwarding connect me to port 22 of my internal host

I think the scheme is

                  wan                    -    NPU_vlink0------NPU_vlink1     -      internal_interface

ssh -p 22222 user@   ->           ->


So I tried it for SSL VPN.

I do a port forwarding from my VDOM(not root) interface (NPU_vlink1; to my local interface (internal_interface;, 

                  wan                    -    NPU_vlink0------NPU_vlink1     -      internal_interface               ->          ->

But this procedure do not work

nmap (nmap -p 20443 say me port         state   20443/tcp    filtered


Do you have other tips?

Thank you!




VDOM(root)     ----   VDOM(not root)

          |                                          |

 NPU_vlink0 ------  NPU_vlink1

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Why do you want to terminate the SSL VPN at the internal interface of your vdom? That might not work if it's not coming from the outside (LAN side) of the interface. At least it would require a policy to come through the vdom to reach the interface.

It's supposed to be VIPed to your npu_vlink1 side from the external interface: Then the VDOM can terminate the VPN there.

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