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SSL VPN client cannot resolve by domain name

Hi.. i setup SSL VPN in my office. From home, i am able to connect to the VPN and i am able to visit sites by their direct IP. However i can get to the site by their domain name. We are running on an internal private domain within our network and the DNS server is the one provided within the Fortigate appliance.


At the moment, from within the SSL VPN setting page, i set the DNS entry in the tunneling mode client settings to "Use Client System DNS". Is that right? I felt that it is not but i am not sure what should be the right IP to use or even the right DNS entry to set.


Obviously you don't want to use that setting. There should be GUI on the FGT side to "specify" DNS server IPs to provide your internal DNS server IPs to clients when they get connected.


That is a default setting in the FG SSL VPN UI. The other option i have is to specify a DNS server but i am stuck here as i am not sure what is the IP i should use. The DNS server is running inside Fortigate itself. It is not a standalone DNS server.


All my internal machine use their network's interface IP as the DNS server but i don't see an interface IP for SSL VPN. Am i missing it somewhere in the UI?  




If fortigate is DNS server for inetrnal network then configure fortigate IP in teh DNS setting as local system dns and ssl dns .


When configuring system dns keep primary dns as local and second dns as ISP or google dns .






Do you split the tunnel? Then you have to have the internal interface subnet in the portal/Routing Address, then in the policy ssl.root->internal as one of destinations for the client to be able to reach. That would trigger injecting the route into client machine's routing table into the tunnel. You should verify it at the client machine when the vpn is connected.


Toshi: No split tunnel due to security concerns


Ashu: I put the external IP of my FG as the Primary system DNS and also in SSN VPN DNS setting. I am still unable to resolve.




You need to set internal Lan interface IP in your VPN DNS, since your FGT is dns server for internal hosts .

Could you please share your dns server config ,


Kindly read and understand the conf from this post . 



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Hi There,


I have a different scenario here . I use one of my internal machines on the LAN as DNS server. And I don't get the names resolved. However I can resolve all my internal machines through my local DNS server, but I am not not able to access any external websites. What could be issue ? Any help to resolve this problem would be much appreciated.







Hey Manoj,

did you set up any kind of DNS forwarding? If your internal DNS can't resolve a query, it sends it to another (external) DNS for a check?

Without that, it would be impossible for your internal DNS to resolve all queries it gets.

Please note that unless your FortiGate or another Fortinet product is acting as DNS server, we can't really help with figuring out what's going on with your DNS server.

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