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SSL-VPN automatic resolution screen not working after 7.0.4 firmware upgrade

After updating, all our SSL-VPN RDP clients complained because their session stopped auto-scaling the resolution on their browser. Have someone found a way to make this unintended behaivor stop? We could not find any way to made it like it was befor patching. We were specting that 7.0.5 could fix it but i dont see any mention in the log page...

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Found how to solve this. You must go in to each SSL VPN Portal and set the Width and Height to 0. 



FIREWALL (web-access) # show full-configuration | grep window
set default-window-width 1024
set default-window-height 768

FIREWALL (web-access) # set default-window-width 0

FIREWALL (web-access) # set default-window-height 0

FIREWALL (web-access) # end


Then you must change your bookmarks to 0 and 0 for height and width and full screen works again.

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Hello, I found how to solve my issue (seems like a bug):

  1. from SSL-VPN-Portals, select your portal, then click on "Edit in CLI"
  2. remove the reference to width and hight :


config bookmark-group
edit "gui-bookmarks"
config bookmarks
set width 0
set height 0



  • Click again on "Edit in CLI"
  • Add the default-window-width:


set default-window-width 0
set default-window-height 0


  • Then, I had to click on "Cancel" (not "OK"). If I click on "Ok", my changes are not taken into account.

See for more informations.


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I figured out one time but couldnt replicate the fix later, this solves the issue, thank you DTG-POLE-ARCHI.


And yes, I also assume this is a bug.

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I've got the same problem, but when I list configuration with grep window I got :

set default-window-width 1024
set default-window-height 768

set default-window-width 1024
set default-window-height 768


But when I send : set default-window-height 0

Unknown action 0


My Firmware version is 7.2

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