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SSL VPN authentication certificate+FortiToken only?

Hello, all,


We have a FortiGate and FortiAuthenticator in our network. We had a thought of authenticating users with their certificates and FortiToken only. Is that even possible? Certificate check on FortiGate + RADIUS authentication on FAC fails (only cert-check happens and RADIUS is skipped (fw 6.0.9, no option under authentication rule to set-user-peer and combine cert check with RADIUS), or we have a loose cert check and RADIUS checks credentials with user/pass). Also tried to leave SSL VPN confifuration as default and just make a profile on FAC for EAP + FortiToken only, but FortiGate doesn't even pass the authentication request in this case. 

Logically, if FortiClient passes the certificate to FGT, FGT should be able to pass that to FAC where FAC checks fields, extracts username/checks cert and sends push for MFA. But that's just my dreams of this solution getting to work. Any ideas? :) 


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