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SSL-VPN Warning for Fortigates with 2GB RAM

I was just in a fast track course as a fortinet partner and I was told by the host of the event, that the new G series version coming out and also upcoming firmware upgrades (SSL-VPN removal is for 7.6+) will have SSL-VPN removed if the fortigates have 2gb RAM and under.

Be warned.

That would have a devastating impact. At least "=< 60F" would lose the feature. I'm wondering why they can't keep it with smaller models by limiting the max users.



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Hi @resler ,


It seems to revolve around Fortigates with 2GB RAM or lower potentially losing SSL-VPN functionality with upcoming firmware upgrades, particularly version 7.6 and beyond. This could mean that users with these models might not be able to utilize SSL-VPN features after updating to the mentioned firmware versions.





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Atakan Atak
Atakan Atak
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Hello @resler ,


They just didn't remove SSL-VPN with the new version. With 7.4.4, proxy-based features (ZTNA, Server Load Balance, Proxy Based Policy etc.) will no longer be available on models using 2GB RAM.


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