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SSL VPN - PC and Linux connected via SSL VPN, PC can't ping Linux

When the PC and Linux box are connected via SSL VPN, it gets an IP (ie. and respectively).  The PC can ping any devices on the local network except Linux box. When I tried to ping to the linux box (  it is showing time out.  Besides, the Linux box can ping any devices on the local network as well but no devices can ping linux box. Not sure if there is some additional setting that I need to config?


I have some update that I use the same sim card on mobile phone and use the forticlient SSL VPN APP connected to VPN.

The result is pingable. So, It is not sim card network problem but it is my linux setting problem.

I installed Forticlient SSLVPN 4.4.2332-1 64bit in ubuntu 16.04. Is it the Forticlient problems?   Remote PC or linux (  <=> FortiGate 60E <=> network elements (ie.   PING from Linux to PC or other network elements works PING from other network elements/PC to linux is not working (time out)

My linux is using mobile broadband network (3G/4G sim card with ip 10.x.x.x).


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